Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Visa and free movements in and the region is one of the key opponents of socio-economic development. It makes it easy for both commercial and barter trade. The matter has been on and off for time immemorial with promises after promises remaining on the sketch papers or shelved for future discussions. What is holding the implementation is or are only known to the key factors within the implementation docket. It is high time that the larger regional population were made aware of what was going on. The Kenya- South Sudan case was so ripe that residents of the two countries came to almost a near breathing space of “no more” visas but it turned out that something was not right of being done right in Nairobi or Juba. Then came the case of the coronavirus pandemic and all hell broke loose. With or without the outbreak of the virus, the planned and docketed programs could not have come to abrupt halt without adequate information to the concerned citizens. It reminds one as to how many table deals which have been mooted with so near yet too far since the regional cooperation started. Among the purposes of the regional bloc was to make life from the population to live happily as one people with common goal which would help them develop inter-personal boost and effective cooperation. It was not to be a bloc for not effective research and written papers which mostly end up in some shelves in the archives to be buried in dusts for ages. Let there be some serious resolves in whatever one is doing. It cannot be promises after promises in which the developing minds of the public are polluted or filled with political wayward. True each and every one of us has a political mind to help articulate the present and the future, but good mind management has it that politics should remain for politicians, education for educationists and science for scientist among others. A healthy nation thrives on well-placed and well managed minds. It is therefore important for the regional bloc to take the mandate of ensuring the availability of such thinking for the better benefit of the future generation. In a nutshell some important decision reached in and within the East African Region should be real and not camouflage of imitation of mind and body. That day the decision passed or agreement reached would work for the well-being of the general public in and within the region, there would be so much happiness where tall orders will look like short ones. The credit will go to those who have made it possible be the political or public leaders in their own right. It has to be done and this is the time to make that work or done. There population in and within the bloc are longing for such services which have been hampered by so many natural and periodical disasters.

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