Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I have time and again said that the best way to get attention and anything good done is dialogue appropriately and let the cause of the dialogue take effects on the ground. This was not the case in Pibor where youth in the area gave notice and threatened aid or humanitarian workers to leave within 72 hours or else. I don’t know but l am waiting for someone to tell me what is to happen after the deadline. Fearing for the lives of the workers the humanitarian organizations responsible for them evacuated the workers from their different rural stations to Pibor for safety and waiting for the next step. Can this kind of thing be allowed to happen if and when these aid workers are charged with saving critical situations including distribution of food, healthcare for the needy and other assortments that goes with their services? True, the local youth have the right to demand being part of the humanitarian team, but the way they are handling the matter is out of context. It is like they are holding the administrative area at ransom. They cannot be let to be the law, the judge and the executors. They must be told that things are not done that way and that they need to be trained to have skills that could propel them to the reality of life including being absorbed in these organizations. No one can wake up one morning and demand to get or be given a chance to handle what he or she has never handled before. There are process to follow in liaising with the administration and the right people in the organization. The youth may not know or understand the aftermath repercussion of their action now but later when such services are seriously needed most of the humanitarian workers may boycott going to the area for fear of the past which may remain life in history even after a very long time.We must start thinking beyond a community and go far into being a one people a one nation.  The fact that all citizens are free to settle in any part of the country demonstrate the urge and need the leadership have put into place of wanting a united country that is not divided along ethnic lines just likework opportunity should equally be enjoyed by citizens qualified for the job. I am optimistic that with public awareness for the youth they will definitely come to terms and understand the importance of being a one people without seeing others like outsiders. There have been other similar stand-offs but the consequences remain the suffering of the needy people who are supposed to be served by the aid workers Pibor and other youths in the country let reason prevail and guide them for the better of tomorrow since today is a history left behind. Worse still they have a future to look after and any diversion from this will impact negatively not only on them but even the development of their preferred areas. 

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