African Union (AU) reiterated their stand to support Kenya to win the UN Security Council rotational seat that also attracted Djibouti who went to the polls without the traditional support from the continental body. In any game and all fairness the best has to win and then embark on serving the African continent without discrimination and without external influence. The seat is important to Africa because this is where global security matters are discussed and decided on nothing should come on to prevent the winner from representing the interests of the entire continent and to collaborate with other like minds for the progress and development of Africa and the African people. It is this kind of move which has been lacking among the continent’s leaders with each wanting or interested in doing to handle her own case individually. The coronavirus is having its negative effects but one thing it has done positively is to bring the continent together to speak with one voice. Since the pandemic came into being, African leaders have had to come together in every situation to correct the wrong collectively. Indeed it is time for the continent to take and have what rightly belongs to Africa. One of which is to sit in a number of UN’s top organs. At least two Africans, Boutros Boutros- Ghali and Kofi Annan served as the UN Secretary Generals with the latter making a mark and impact for Pan Africanism.

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