The best learning is in school not streets -Dr. Arop

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

The national Minister of Youth, Culture and Social Welfare, Dr. Nadia Arop is encouraging parents to enroll their children in school, saying children could best learn in class, not the streets.

“We must encourage our children to go to school and the best learning is in schools not in the streets, not with bad groups and not even at home,” Arop said.

“We know we are operating in difficult situation because of the senseless conflict in the country, but our struggle for education cannot stop and we hope after ten years ahead South Sudan will be in another level in terms of education,” she said.

She made the remark during the launch of “Back to Learning Campaign 2020” at Juba Say Secondary school last week in Juba.

She said South Sudanese should not always depend on the foreigners to come and plan for the development of the country but rather educate their own people so that the young generation takes over.

Arop added that for the country to move forward in terms of development, there was need for the government to improve the education system.

“We must improve our education so that we move ahead because when you do not have the literate and skilled people in the country that can plan for the development of that country than you will not move forward,” Arop said.

She said that there was need to have good and qualified teachers in the country.

She encourages the partners that are sporting education in South Sudan to continue supporting education in the country saying it was the only way for sustainable peace in the country.

The back to learning campaign launched last week seeks to enroll over 700,000 children in school across the country.

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