The best is yet to come

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Some of us began life with hope and promises about what to make or do in the near future. We have planned to go to better schools, build a beautiful house and raise good family.

But the situation of South Sudan leaves us with doubt if anything would ever go as planned and the future remains uncertain.

Many people have financial woes, poor health status,  unhealthy relationships, majority are going hungry and death is busy preparing  to attend to people that are always crying  and nobody knows when it will strike.

This has left thousands of South Sudanese hopeless and with nothing to feel happy about.

When we watch news or movies, we get connected to the new world where people are happy enjoying life and everything looks promising.

But when the news or movie is done, we get pained by the fact that our country is the last in the world and we will never be happy again until we get covered in the clouds of death.

We are like caged birds and caged-birds are in one way or another peaceful than us or should I say the dead in South Sudan is more peaceful than the living.

I guess many will concur with me, life is hard where we are, we wrestle with many Goliaths every day and before defeating the first one, the other one is lurking behind us to join the fight.

We have families to feed and children to pay in school but the peanuts we get do come on time.

When you wake up in the morning, you ask yourself why me again but for others they say thank God I never knew I would reach this far.

That is life, we are in the same boat and as long as you are still breaking, there is hope that something good will happen in your life.

It doesn’t matter how many times you wait and nothing changed, throughout history there are people who came from humble beginning to public figures.

Therefore, if you are always crying, just know that someone once cried but wiped his own tears and if it is hard on your side, remember that someone nearly committed suicide when things were very hard.

Age or where you come from does not matter as long as you know where your life is taking you. Life is a choice and how you programmed yourself.

The mess we are in today is the result of the choices we made. We forgot that we were created to be one people and we decided to go our own ways.  Now the circumstances are inescapable.

What would have defeated us if we hadn’t chosen to be thorn in our own flesh?

Nothing will ever deter us from achieving what we want in life if we chose to work in light and truth.

Do not be disheartened, thing will never be the same in the near future.

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