The economic growth of a nation depends on the well nurtured management of resources. These include those from natural sources, industrial in private and public institutions. There are those who take it upon themselves to fight and or sabotage such growth. Take for example what is going on in one of the leading public institutions, Nilepet. What is really happening? Is it  true that the top leadership is not doing what he is supposed to do or there are people out there who would want to see him out of the office for their own personal interests which has been cleverly coined to look like popular public demand. Of late, the media and the public have witnessed untold number of reactions from the institution denying this or correcting that which are posted in the social media outlets. For what reasons is difficult to understand. It is like some people are trying to run the state parastatal from outside institution with other intentions and motives. This is not how a public institution can be run or helped to grow. Where there are problems, they should be properly addressed and to the right authorities. Not scandalizing or name calling. Every individual has their other side which they would not want others to know. It is not proper to destroy an institution that has taken years to build and it is not an individual or personal property although there are others who are seeing it as a milk cow from their perspectives. The appointing authority knows very well the performance of each individual assigned national duty. Therefore, for the sake of economic growth, let the public desist from scandalizing public institutions and direct their accusing fingers correctly. Nilepet’s recent constituted board of directors have mandate and capacity to oversee the running of the institution. Not through the social media but from the management point of view as laid down.

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