The learned friends as they are known are people who are considered to have high moral and respect for humanity. They are more exposed in matters that concern human nature and would wish to represent the interest of all sundry within and without. It is therefore unfortunate that a lawyer can stand up in the midst of the crowd to point a finger at members of the fourth estate, Journalist, singling out one media house for having not reported what he had said. This side is left for the public to decide but for Juba Monitor, we cannot and shall not take it laying down when people think we should report them as they want. A public figure who is holding an office of intellectuals like  Benjamin Sogora the chairman of the organizing committee of the Bar association should know better what to utter before taking it back or eating it. Mr Sogora is considered a learned friend but whatever goes in the minds of other people can only be determined by them. He took issues with this newspaper and told our reporters on their face that he had nothing to tell them because they did not report what he wanted reported. This one he is the only one and his group who knows what he wanted to be reported. The Bar Association has been in shambles with groups grouping. The legal lawyers’ fraternities would be doing this country and those who need legal representation a bug service if they could put their house in order instead of pointing fingers to other unconcerned. They should come out clean and do the job they were taught to do instead of looking for excuses over their own shortfalls. The main stream media will always inform, educate and entertain the society at all the time being their watch-dog.

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