The axe should fall heavy on those sleeping on the job

We must agree that the current economic situation has taken toll on everybody. It is therefore, not in any good taste for some sections of the society to take advantage of others to make a kill. The situation is worsened with the absence of institution and personnel to control the abnormal hike in any service delivery to the already hard hit citizens who can barely afford a meal for their families. If the exploiters are not talking about US dollars, they will justify their basic commodity price increase on fuel shortage. Their reasoning always rotate between the USD and fuel shortage even those who have not touched the green papers with their hands and even do not know or understand its value. Fuel, because it is not in the market even those without experience of what it takes to under-go fuel shortage. Where does the shortage of dollars and shortage of fuel meet with the man making chapatti in Konyo Konyo or Jebel market for that matter and how does these two meet and where in the local Mosolat route. Not the two. The latter can only experience fuel shortage but are not importer to talk about dollar shortage. This has gone too far because our institutions charged with regulating prices are not doing their work. The public have cried time and again but all fell into unhearing ears. Who is out there to help them? Public transport in Juba has gone far too high and it is almost becoming impossible to meet the cost of travelling to one’s home to working place. Our colleague narrated a nasty experience in which one public transport ended up getting more than 60SSP from a one way trip from Juba through Customs to Konyo Konyo. This is what would be called daylight robbery without violence. We have talked of people given responsibilities and are not doing their work. The appointing authority should bring down heavy, the axe on them, to pave way for those who can deliver service to the people. Look at what is going on of the foodstuff items. Few individual traders have field days to their pockets at the expense of the general public. This needs to be stopped and stopped now.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Two major diplomatic attachments or missions were at the center stage of our country this week.  They are all related to good governance and ability to portray the image of this country in the international fora. It needed soberness to handle which was already taking shape within our local arena, the two are the recalling of seven mission representatives back home and the other, the process of electing representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). These are major national matters which must be handled with care for continuity. Some people with the know which are not known and which are in nut-shell, hearsay or rumors, had already coined their own agenda and started speculating about the recalling back of the ambassadors. The rumor millers had coined their sweet tongues to please probably their foreign masters with long tale-tells without seeking or if anything, hiding the truth. These are prophet of doom like a certain pastor somewhere Latin America, Jones, who convinced his followers that the end had come and they had to go by their creators. Nobody including him left the church a live after he administered deadly poison to them and himself in the name of faith. We have so many Jones amidst our society who wants to tell us how the end is almost just to end up destroying the good that already exists for their own selfish end. Yes Ambassador Mawein Makol Ariik came hand and put the matter to rest by informing the rumor mongers that this was a normal government practice and envoys or ambassadors had specific period of time to serve in foreign mission and by recalling our seven back home was not any big or tall order. SaTP seems to have been in a class of his own over this matter. He was not yet sure who to believe even with all facts laid on the table by foreign affairs docket holders. Somewhere along the EALA, he did agree that the process although late was taking a notable shape of agreement within the laid down EAC requirements. He wanted it speeded up for purposes of effective representatives of the country’s interests. SaTP’s inner feeling was the hope to be appointed roving and goodwill ambassador to take care of the empty envoys’ position and the EALA until both the re-appointment and elections were done for these two different functions. This is where we parted because of our friend’s self- centered ego.

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