The author of Chollo Kingdom speaks out

By Yiep Joseph

The author of the book titled ‘Chollo kingdom’has revealed the importance of oral history to Chollo community, especially the young generation.

Zacharia Odok Ajak, a traditional oral historian on the Chollo (Shilluk), compiled the Chollo history from oral sources and put them in the form of writing with the book titled the Chollo Kingdom as a move to educate the young generation about the history of Luo community. Chollo Kingdom struggled in Sudan and their efforts toward development in South Sudan.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Zacharia Odok Ajak called on youths to be engaged with books that portray the cultures of various communities and get more knowledge from the elders.

“The public and the youths in particular should be engaged and read books that portrayed cultures of the various communities and the struggle of the people of South Sudan,” Odok said.

“for instance, the Chollo community a long struggle and the cultures used to be in oral form but now we have put them in writings, please read them and equip yourselves with the knowledge on chollo kingdom,” he stressed.

“You should read to know what South Sudanese have done in their lives, we shed blood during the struggle as communities and it is part of the history of struggle of our mighty Chollo community and South Sudan at large,” he added.

He revealed that, for youths to know cultures and the struggle of various communities there is need to read books that explain how the communities struggled to be free from the Arabs and their activities.

“The youths have to know the struggle we went through and the need to read a lot of books would inspire them to have interest and the knowledge to reflect on our struggle” he expressed.

He added that it is the right time for South Sudanese to read books that focus around them citing that knowing history of South Sudan is of great importance.

Odok appreciated the move of the government in supporting historian in the country.

He revealed that Chollo community have enough history that must be part of the modern books.

“The world has the history and we the Chollo Community too had our history and it has to be written in most of the books in order to surface in the history of the world,” he concluded.

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