Robin Saban

Countless books have been written about dreaming and hoping, but only reading the books is quite different than living out the dreams and hopes.

Hopes and Dreams are the most powerful and inspirational factors in human life. It is like water and air for human beings.

We hope for so many things in our life. Hope for a better life, better living conditions, a good education for ourselves and for our children, hope for a healthy life, hope for a good relationship or a good marriage and hope for many other things that one can imagine in life.

We dream for so many more things as well. Sometimes our dreams are not realistic but still it`s good to dream because “it is my life and it is my dream”. To keep our fantasy and our dream world as colorful as possible enriches our hopes and teaches us to follow our intuition.

Doing this helps us rediscover our capability to trust what we are seeing and to urge us on to bring the dream to reality.

Our dreams are what can get us through even the worst days. If we are struggling, our dreams are our reason to keep going.
They are why we wake up in the morning and try again. They are what makes our entire life worth living.

Without our dreams, we are nothing.

When we are motivated and excited about pursuing our dreams, we’ll attract other people who have the same values and interests.

Make no mistake there is no room for hopelessness and being a dreamless person. The minute a human being loses their hope and their dreams they will find it extremely hard to live the life they are living in. Personally, it is very difficult for me to believe and imagine a human being without hope and dreams. Even in the most helpless society we can always find those who have hope for the future and dreams for achieving things in life.

If we can work on ourself and look for our hidden talents, those things we dream of doing, we will find that the hope we hold inside will materialise and slowly become a reality. It is given to each and every one of us to look for our special talent. Each person on this earth has something special to give. Whatever it is our dream of doing there is not just hope but also opportunities for making things happen. If no one else is doing it you can always be the first to start.

We need not judge or criticize anyone for their hopes or dreams, especially if they share their dreams. Just listen to them, be positive, be a motivator, there is no need to be a dream killer.

If humans cannot dream any more and cannot be hopeful for the future, that is the end.

In order to be creative, we need to dream, without dreams, there is no hope. Despite all the negativity around us, we can  be the one to light the candle of hope.


The human soul needs music and dance as an action. The voice of the music and movement of the body in harmony together produces positive energy which will help you to follow your dreams and keep your hopes and your spirit up. Music and dance are the action part of the hopes and dreams. Don’t think the music and the dance are just an entertainment. These two energy-giving elements are very important once you discover their power in your life and how to use it for your hopes and dreams. The music and the dance will help you to imagine and will draw the bigger picture in your  mind and soul. You will be more creative and better at understanding the power of sharing it with others.


Instead of being a competitor, be a motivator, instead of being jealous, be a completer and  instead of being a gossip, be a team player. Instead of being a bridge to nowhere, be a trail, instead of being a dead end street, be an avenue or an open road. Instead of being a spoiler, be a contributor. Instead of being unreliable, be accountable and instead of being an angry one be a calm one. Instead of being judgmental be understanding and instead of being arrogant be  mindful. Instead of talking too much, be a good listener, instead of being a blocker be a door opener. Instead of being stingy, be generous from your heart.

Have faith, don’t lose hope, follow your dreams, love and respect your people and yourself, be a role model and a source of inspiration for the future generation.

With this in mind stay safe and see you in the next article.

Robin Saban


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