Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The art to give to a friend is what matters but it has to be for real. It should not be like giving with your left hand without involving the right to be in the know. It is always good to be open and transparent with hard facts and figures which now bring me to my intended topic. True the foundation of a nation wholly depends on the way the future is nurtured and prepared. Preparing the future means the youth must be brought to terms with the current and future affairs which must be accompanied by above level education The youth should be exposed to well established and manned education institutions locally or abroad. It is therefore a positive gesture for a friendly country in the name of Egypt to offer additional scholarship to students from this country. This is the friendly cooperation that should be encouraged since it is all meant to change the future and bring educational sanity in the society. Those who will be lucky to benefit should not let the country down they have to do more knowing that the development in whatever sector awaits them. Students have been able to go abroad in different countries to further their education in different disciplines to prepare them for taking up the challenged the country is facing and be able to contribute effectively of the much needed service delivery. This should go equal with those learning in local high learning institutions. They should weigh down the protests and put this country before them as one people one country. They should understand that the prospect and success of turning around the country into full gear development was in their hands because they are having the kith and kin here. One can only live in comfort zone that he/she has created, just like we all know that your successful life is with you and only you. The youth should be made to understand this fact of life and not to expect manner from heaven. It is the hunger for education that should be addressed to the satisfaction of those in need of the same. The government should continue to explore the possible ways for the youth to further their education equally and there should be no one left behind in this exercise poor or rich. A literate society makes well informed decision for its development this should be the move forward that would see within a short period of time the change in positive development. Coronavirus did affect the schools’ calendar as many students even from abroad found themselves at home. The time these institutions opened the administrations must be well-prepared to set off and give students maximum coaching to catch up with the lost time. It might be late but better late than never. The focus of the youth and guardians should be in achievements of good education for all so that the nation can move forward in equal development terms.   

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