Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I was having a newsroom chat with some of my colleagues in such talks we always round-up good and bad events. It is called newsroom gossip. One of us reminded us of this heart-rending episode. He told us one of the funniest jokes of the time. Listen to this “an old lady went to a shopping mall with her grandchild. As usual children are inquisitive and like picking what comes their way. In this instance, the child picked a doll from the shelves. The old lady called the name of the child aloud “degree, return the doll to the shelves. The counter lady was so amused with that name that she asked the lady. Is that the child’s name. The old lady responded by saying “look l took my daughter to the university and this is what she brought back to me”. We burst into laughter but something strange which we have never witnessed before happened. Another colleague walked in but he was so uneasy, on looking out we saw some traffic police officers followed him into the compound without gate security authorizing them. They exchanged words with the gate security man and invoked the name of higher authority when asked if this was in order. Such can only be seen in western wild films. They claimed they had the authority to follow criminals anywhere and even jumping over the wall should need arise. True there is no argument there when a crime is committed and a criminal is hiding in a compound. My argument is that these people had not right to enter the compound because if it was a traffic offence the car was parked outside the gate and even one of the officer was there on stand-by. What we are yet to be told is the way and reasons that can compel a traffic police officer to follow a car and follow the owner inside the compound after parking at the designated area.  It seems as something is not right and someone is on the cause of harassing and intimidation. We are still yet to be told the fate of our motor-bike stolen or which got lost from a police station and now this kind of behavior directed to one of us cannot be a coincident. What is happening? Someone needs to let us know. The officers followed our staff after allegedly stopping our colleague and implanting another officer to ride with him. We may not know how the law here was applied but one thing coming out somewhere, someone smells a rat and that someone is all of us in the company. We are a business entity and any appearance of security personnel without proper arrangements sends a chill in the spine of everyone around us. Any case of traffic nature of any other should be handled diligently and with a lot of care to safe-guard the dignity of both parties involved. The answer may be in or out of reach.

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