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 It is not always that we give a pat on the back for good job well-done (totalation). It is a habit that when someone does the best, the same is expected even to do more without appreciation or recognition. We live in a world full of surprises in which the dance halls are only designed to the best dancers. This time something caught my eyes and l thought it is good to share with our readers and those who have stood without being swayed by the outer forces to appreciate the good work done by the country hawk eyed National Security team. This is what prompted me to appreciate the team and their high command. They have demonstrated patriotism and nationalism in discharging their duties and may they continue to nab those economic saboteurs who are bent to bring the country on its knee at whatever cost or reason(s). Such people are worse than the devil itself because they only have their own interest to serve without caring about the masses.  Look at this:-


National security service arrest FAKE dollar dealers

Daniel Brown Nema a Liberian and a South Sudanese Joseph Daniel Deng have been in possession of FAKE United States Dollars amounting to millions of the currency and a counterfeit machine.

Speaking to the press the public relations at the national security service said that it is part of its efforts to curb criminality in South Sudan.

He adds that if found guilty the suspect will be sentenced to prison for seven years and pay fine. He has however asked the public to be vigilant of those fake dollars which may already be in the hands of civilians in circulation and to report it immediately.

On his part the 57 year-old Liberian said that he had been in the business since 2016 and that his partners left South Sudan since 2018 and had just returned to the country in June last year (2020) which led to his arrest upon his arrival”. Although there is a bit of mix up in the quote above, the message across the board is clear. There is a group or a clique that has been operating illegal USD deal and had injected millions of the same into the economy that has created negative impact. If so then those on the receiving end are innocent citizens who ends up being subjected to the law while the masters of the game are at large. The kind of deals they are involved in seems to be so big that they must be having collaborators within the financial system and other well to do organs. The man if possible should be interrogated to give at least some clues of his collaborators apart from his companion who was arrested with him. Because this cannot be a “small boy” in play and the lid or cover should be exposed.

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