Editorial 31st May 2018

This fact alone among others indicates how committed to peace President Salva Kiir is. He took his time to go to Ethiopia for a one on one meeting with the Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to discuss the need of peace in the country. Despite the opposition to the composition of the efforts Kiir has put forward disregarding all odd, his statesmanship still propel his inner ambition for peace for all. If only other leaders could emulate this heart and kind of statesmanship he is displaying. Some factors would be pointing fingers that we are leaning towards the system. The answer is capital No. President Kiir among all odds has shown that his priority is peace for all and has made it clear that he was ready for all inclusive participation in the affairs of the country despite the opposite stand by some other factions. This in itself is a clear indication of a leader who is really having a feeling for his people. No leader the world-over is 100 percent perfect. There must be those with opposing views, but the quality should be of that with people’s interests at heart. It is always good to give credit where it deserves. This has been clearly demonstrated and even the President publicly to tell the world how he was bleeding inside because of the suffering of his people which had gone on long so far.The domesticated National Dialogue which is supplementing the external effort by reaching all and sundry is the brain child of the President. The opposing forces should tell the public what mechanism they have put in place in the local and outside set-up to articulate for the five magic word “peace”. If not only unstoppable criticism. Let reason prevail to all disagreeing parties who should find a common ground to restore peace for the benefit of the whole country. This is what everyone stands for not self-seeking positions.

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