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Thanks to God

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

There are many reasons you can thank God for, it is because He is the one who created you, some people may say their parents were the ones who gave birth to them. They don’t know it was the plan of God to have them born in this world.

 Others thought you can thank God if you achieved something good in your lives, have a newborn in the family, build a good house, get a job and so many others you can mention under this topic.

In the funeral place, many Christians use to pray, for example, they say such kinds of prayers. Thank you God for the lives of our sisters or brothers in this world, they are not among us, we believe that they are with you in Heaven. Father put their souls in eternal life.

That is a good prayer but in the morning before you start any activity, thank God for keeping you alive while others have left this world. Many people slept and didn’t wake up alive. It happened several times in our communities and families that somebody slept well, and died at night without the notice of the family members.

Thus, it is important to put God ahead of everything because He is the one protecting us in our daily activities. Anything you achieve thank God for it. Sometimes you may think it is your struggle but you don’t know in the process of planning and doing the work, God had put a hand that is why you succeeded.

However, let us thank God every day for the lives He has given to us and the work we are doing daily.

 In the evening, you should also thank God for His protection to you during the daytime.  In the morning you continue, and let it become like daily food you are eating.

If you use God’s protection, you cannot do anything besides Him. You can pray in any language you know, God can hear you. We can also pray to our country South Sudan for its protection as well as our leaders so that they lead us in the way God wants us to live.

May God bless us all.

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