A foot for thought

Thanks be to God

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Dear readers of Juba Monitor, in the first place, I thank God for His protection from the date I apologized to you that I would not write for some days.  Secondly, I thank you for listening to my apology up to this moment. I didn’t tell you the reason why I took break for some days; leave it to me, rather to thank God because our lives are in His hands.  Sometimes things may happen to you in life, you need to endure them and present to God.

The only thing you can do is to ask God’s protection and continue praying to Him. This could be in any situation you may come across in your daily activities. No lives are smooth that is its nature. It is because we are living in the world that has a lot of challenges and no total freedom of expression.  Better to understand it and lead normal life, of course there is an end for everything in this world. There is no permanent situation; everything will end as there is begin and an end for it in this world.

However, today is a very important day for women in the world, “it is International Day for women”. Women all over the world are celebrating the event in different forms. In South Sudan for the rest of the last week, majority of media houses dedicated the week to women to talk about achievements and challenges facing them in various places. They invited women from government institutions, media, civil society activists and many others. They had talk show in radio stations and Televisions presenting their views and fighting for their rights. Those in government positions and political parties, stand formed for 35% of women representation in government and 40% in the SPLM-IO.

All those demands need struggling, unity and cooperation from women to achieve their goals. They should thanks God also for protecting them up to this moment. It is no easy to struggle during this critical situation of Coronavirus Pandemic in the world. Several people have died, those who are still campaigning for their rights are to ask Gods’ wisdom for them to reach the last goals.

Everything in this world need patience and good approach, you cannot achieve them in one day or within short period of times. At the same time let this day be a day to end any bad forms and challenges women faced and still are facing in the process of delivering services. Sometimes, women images had been tarnished in social media to discourage them, that must end today. Men should respect women regardless of their ethnicity in the country.

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, there are no open celebrations I came across to, whether in the side of the government or in the church. Any celebrations were suspended in the country because of COVID-19.  on this day, let women observe the rules of Coronavirus Pandemic so that the virus should end in the country and everything will be normal.

May God bless us all.

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