Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

By: Charles Lotara

As the country moves closer to signing the revitalized peace agreement and the formation of the transitional government of national unity next month, there is a need to give considerable attention to the security affairs of the country regardless of whether a potential threat is detected or not. This crucial aspect involves protection of civilians from the jawbones of rogue elements who are always seeking to undermine the peace and stability currently prevailing in the country. This is where the police, who are tasked with maintaining law and order, come in handy. This week, President Salva Kiir once again demonstrated the commitment of his administration in ensuring the safety of the citizens after donating ten vehicles to the South Sudan Police Unit in Juba. This was majorly aimed at easing the work of the law enforcement agency in curbing crimes within the City. Surely, we do not need anyone’s approval to say the decision taken by the President was a laudable one. It is equally paramount that these security agents need not to sabotage the Head of State by neglecting their role in maintaining law and order within the city. Additionally, the donated vehicles should not be privatized by big-hearted individuals but used for its intended purpose. Crime rate in Juba has scaled down as compared to the previous two, three years, but motorbike-crazed criminals named after the Canadian City Toronto remain the biggest threat to the residents. Electronic gadgets, handbags, and wallets are their major targets. The unfortunate thing about their activities is that when they rob a person of his or her belonging, the onlookers cheer on as if though they colluded with the criminals in one way or the other. As we appreciate the government’s effort in eradicating crimes, we expect, through the police unit, the provision of a remedy to this unruly group of people terrorizing citizens of their hard-earned electronic gadgets and cash. It is also a public secret that stolen and recovered property disappear from police stations without trace, an unbelievable thing to hear. A good example was the time my friend’s motorbike got stolen and taken to one of the police stations upon recovery, supposedly for safety reasons. When he returned the following morning he was told the motorbike cannot be seen. Yes, just like that. From a police station, the property went missing. Our police should demonstrate some level of professionalism to gain the confidence of citizens by desisting from acts such as one experienced by my friend. The President wants to see an effective and reputable police unit spirited with the desire to keep law and order and protect the citizens. The citizens desire the same!     

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