Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It came at the right time when President Salva Kiir Mayardit came out to declare state of emergency in both Jonglei and the Greater Pibor Administrative Area. This is the best move at this time to give chance to security organs to fish out and bring to an end the continued inter-communal clashes which seem to have been the landmark in these two areas resulting in the killing and displacement of hundreds of people. It is an act which cannot be accepted anywhere in the world and the leadership has demonstrated his concern by first appointing a peace mission committee to visit the area, talk to the residents and find out the root cause of the continued problems. This was one way of having people come together and agree to live like brothers and sisters considering that at the moment two other critical issues stand on their ways. One is the dangerous spread of coronavirus whose cure is yet to be found. Second is the raging flood which has displaced and put many of them in limbo. At the moment both States and national government are doing all that was possible to ensure safety of the affected people. It is therefore considered an inappropriate for the clashes to be allowed to go on in this kind of situation. It is for the government not to compromise the security of any part of the country. Therefore, no one should be left to be seen to be in self-control of any situation. We all must start living like brothers and sisters. We all must start to understand the value of human being. We all must start to relate to one another as fellow-beings. We all must get our priority right under. Yes, we must start to know the value of living in a peaceful environment as good neighbours. This must have been some consideration the leadership had in mind when he declared the state of emergency in these two areas.  It is now the responsibility of the two state governments to put into action plans that could permanently end hostilities among their area residents and communities. It is sad that time is of essence in all that we do and to these facts there should be no lapse or time given in solving these clashes which had turned chronic in and within the two areas. The exercise should not just be directed or handled in these two areas since there are other parts which should be given the same treatment for the country to continue maintaining peace. I am very optimistic that with such actions and steps, there will soon be fruits to be proud of as communities and a country. Collectively it can be done. All that remains is to give it a trial and a true trial for that matter. There are women and children who should be given the above consideration at all time.

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