On Wednesday this week Juba Monitor celebrated its eleventh anniversary since hitting the streets in the capital city. Indeed it was a ceremony worth and befitting the struggle this newspaper and others took to shape the right destiny of the media industry together with all stakeholders which can only be achieved collectively. Honestly, there were so many congratulatory messages received and each of them meant well for the growth of the newspaper and the entire media industry in the country. The readership and advertisers are always our priority of and by investing on our staff for the production quality and balanced work being given maximum attention. In our messages we meant well to everyone and appreciate them for their contribution in one way or the other. There will soon come a time when all those who sent their friendship messages will be published. For now let them truly know and understand that they are honestly appreciated for walking with us this far. We trust the future hold more to be done together for the still to be tapped success. But as always one’s success is another’s failure. Not all celebrated the long journey Juba Monitor had walked this far. There are those with discontents, but as is the norms, one cannot satisfy everyone, therefore, we should be judged on our professionalism. To this we thank God, the board of directors, the management and the entire staff who are making sure that we move on everyday under whatever circumstances. The open door policy and tolerant atmosphere are the yard-stick to measure the success of this newspaper which is and remained one of the key housed of journalism in the country. Let us join hands together to build a formidable media industry geared towards keeping watch or being a mirror on behalf of the common-man. It is the duty of the media to bridge the gap and put on toes public service providers.    

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