Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

One thing should be understood and understood correctly. If you are in the boat you would not want to sink unless you also want to sink with it. I have always avoided issues touching on professional colleagues. But I get concerned when the same are distorting facts instead of telling it the way it should be told. I am not going to dwell on who is who or what they believe in. There is a certain group who are out-bent to discredit Juba Monitor in any available situation. Whether they are honestly real or planted is something else. What is clear is that they have not had time or iota of honesty to approach us and tell us as good friends. They capture and spread their egos through their group which is their constitutional right. What baffles me is that when they have goofed in their so called intellectual excellence, they rush to withdraw their posts to hide or conceal their identities. That is also their intellectual goof rights. But for someoneto shout from afar talking about us being compromised is another thing. Our friend should sit tight and enjoy the green buck coming his way through some concocted facts, only found in one’s imagination. It is one thing to be called names or attacked and you end up lying down and it is another to react to the attack. The message we are sending out there is very clear because we know and understand very well the word “compromised”. We are not, but if it is for championing the cause of peace that we are seen in that light then let it be because any investment can only grow when there is peace. Juba Monitor is an investment which can only go far if peace exists. We are not baby carrier for anyone. We have managed to go regional because of our consistency. We are not going to give anyone a room to divert our cause and as always we are open to healthy and positive critics but innuendoes coloured to portray true colour is not within our domain and not acceptable. People should live real life without exaggeration and with truth as their guide to God’s world. I still wonder why some people would spend sleepless night and day dream about the perceived enemies. It is not right and would not add value into their lives. They have to be true to themselves in every situation. All said and done, people can only talk about what and who is there alive or dead. When they talk about you then you must be lucky because it is recognition of existence and of doing something for the society. For those who are hell-bend to find fault with us, yes we are existing and those positive critics who do not harbor ills against us, yes you are welcome because whatever you do or say just make us strong day by day.

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