Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

Thanks be to God, IGAD mediators are on a retreat in Juba for three good days to discuss the role of mediation and dialogue in post agreement phases.

This far is appreciated considering the role the regional body has been playing in restoring peace in the country.

However, going by some information coming my way, l have my reservations, but leave the topic open.

Too much talks by have taken place and continue to form the basis of peace restoration process. In the common-man where l belongs too many talks are not healthy at the moment.

IGAD should address the real issues delaying the peace process. The common-man wants action and wants it now so that they can be able to go about their daily chores without fear or uncertainty.

So much has been going on and the expectations of the general public being delayed because of this or that issue.

IGAD and other international players seem to be on a stand-still motion to complete the mission or the assignment.

The regional body knows and understands the on-goings and could be the driving wheel to other players towards quick peace restoration process.

It cannot go on forever with meetings after meetings. I have heard some talks in the corridors of some key players that the more they delay the process, the more their pockets will be oiled or remain full with donor funds.

If this is true then, there must be a stop because the general public would not allow or want anyone to gamble with their lives or country.

President Salva Kiir has made it clear that no amount of provocation would return this country to war.

The President has been honest to the country and said it the way it should be and taken his side of responsibility for the mess that befell the country.

The question is why others are not doing the same. If they really love the country, why are they not coming out to accept and admit their roles in the mess?

This is why peace must come now not tomorrow. This is why those who love this country must come out and support the direction the President has demonstrated towards a peaceful co-existence and not otherwise.

These meetings just add papers to the already overloaded archive. Time has come that meetings should be minimized and overtaken by action-oriented peace process.

In fact l have to repeat here as l have done before that some institutions would want to create confusion so that they could remain relevant to their masters or external forces.

They should understand that their moves will not succeed because the country is fully alert and watching.

They have tried before but right now people are tired and want only peace to prevail among them.

It is time for their children to go to schools and for mothers to attend to their gardens while fathers toil day in day out to put food on the table in a free peace zone.

This is what the country needs now and IGAD and other players can do better by helping reach this goal. Not with continuous meetings.

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