The wildfire that sent seven women to their early graves and left one with injuries must be treated as a national concern. The fire is believed to have started from a cattle camp called Anyoor and went on to Amending, Cuei-cok of Rumbek. The same report had it that two other women had earlier been burned to death in the same area and that was the end of their lives as they were unlucky to escape the inferno last month.  In this situation, there is dire need that something must be done before it is too late. Going by the given figures, nine women cannot be lost within few days and everything is just left in the hand of fate. What about the other women whose mean of survival is from the sales of firewood that they would later sell to support their families? The whole issue should be served in one plate and let everyone have a taste of it. The state government is always tasked to take care of the citizens. This means that the source of the fire must be traced and the culprits be brought to book. The state government must form the committee to look into the matter and whoever the law finds to have been behind the fire must be fined and punished to deter them from lighting fire that would later go on to claim the lives of innocent civilians. Women are not the only potential victims of fire, children are also included because most of the mothers would ask their little sons and daughters to help them in the collection of woods for cooking. What if these children were caught with their mothers in the bush? This would be really devastating. To prevent future fire outbreaks, action must be taken today to ensure that such incidents are prevented from happening.

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