Testing kits only available on case definition alerts

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Ministry of Health has said that the testing kits are not enough for everyone who wish to be tested for coronavirus but could only be available for those who have manifested the like symptoms of the pandemic.

South Sudan has already confirmed two cases. Both patients work for the United Nations and are said to be in good health, according to the Ministry of Health.

While South Sudan rounds off the people who came into contact with the patients, the Health Ministry considers focusing on particular group under observation for screening in the meantime. 

South Sudan has only four ventilators and only 36 beds for the coronavirus patients.

Dr. Angok Gordon Kuol, the Incident Manager for COVID-19 at the National Ministry of Health said the testing kids were not enough.

 “The testing kits are not enough for everyone but are enough for people who have manifested the symptoms and those who have actually met what we call case definition of the virus,” said Dr. Angok.

“Now with aftermath of these two cases found in South Sudan, we have rounded all the contacts and these contacts are all going to be tested and if also there are some of them infected then we will round off other groups who also have contact with,” he said.

Dr. Kuol stated that they would concentrate on the most urgent cases as they scale up mitigation mechanisms across the country.

“So with the limitation we have, we wanted to focus on the particular group otherwise if we have enough, we can expand the level or scope of the screening and testing to include many other groups of people,” he said.

Dr. Kuol said that since there was huge increase in voluntary turn up, he said that the Ministry of Health was fully in charge to see what to do in the short should cases continue to escalate.   

“The next possibility is for the country to go in, in full swing to mobilize resources either to buy or ask partners who are having enough to support us with many testing kits,” he said.

Dr. Kuol reiterated that the country’s taskforce and health professionals were scaling up mitigation measures to control the outbreak.  

With other samples being investigated from the laboratory, he said that they were investigating more four samples from different parts of the country.   

Dr. Angok said that they were investigating more serious alerts samples in the laboratory.  

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