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Terekeka, Tonj requires tough leadership-CEPO

By Adia Jildo

The Community Empowerment for Progress Organization has called for tough leadership in Terekeka County of Central Equatoria State and Tonj County of Warrap State in order to end the inter communal conflict among themselves andRule of law to be implemented in Terkeka.

Moses Pitia, the Project Officer for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO)said that the governmentshould take the issue of Terkeka dispute as a serious matter.

Adding that Mundari community has been having revenge and cattle related conflict that has led to loss of lives in the area.

“I am urging the State government and the national government to look into the issue of Terkeka and Tonj have had issues, these places require leadership, tough leadership,” he said

 “I appeal to our commissioner to be very serious and strong enough to address the issue by even calling upon the elites of Terkeka to come together and begin brainstorming,” he elaborated.

Pitia stated that leaders should be injected into the system to rejuvenate the leadership of the Mundari community.If they cannot remove all the leaders, let strong leaders, new faces be injected into the leadership of the Mundari community to rejuvenate and to Make things work out, that’s the only way we can experience change in Terkeka,” he said

He called on the intellectuals of Terkeka to embrace each other for peace and forget their differences.

“We shouldn’t be doing conferences every year to resolve conflict but other difference things,” he said

 He further urged the government to install a permanent judicial system to restore peace in the area.

“We want to see a well-established Judiciary and that had to be done by the state government, we want to see a very impartial and neutral judge put in the judiciary in Terkeka which is permanently based in Terkekaso that criminal issues get tried in the court of law without fear or favor.

Pitiacalled on the ministry of local government and office of the governor to respond quickly in the issue of the rule of law in Terkeka.

“Their outcry was that criminals are released without being tried and that is for us to see it differently.

He called on the government to respond to the needs of people of Terkeka by building water catchment to prevent cattle keepers from migrating from one place to another.

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