Terekeka State crowned Peace Wrestling Champions


The wrestlers and fans celebrating after winning (photo by Manyuon Mayen Manyuon):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Terekeka State has been crowned the champions of the two-weeks wrestling competition which concluded on Saturday at Juba Stadium.

Terekeka State beat Jonglei State five points to three in the final match which was witnessed by thousands of South Sudanese.

The match was attended by some government officials including the representative from the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports and the governor of Terekeka State.

The wrestling was organized by South Sudan Wrestling Federation under the theme “Wrestling for peace and reconciliation.”

Speaking to the press after the finals, wrestling coordinator Mr. Lual Deng Akoi appreciated Terekeka State for emerging the best from the tournament.

“I am very happy with all of you the wrestlers especially the people of Terekeka State for having utilized this time very well,” he said. The level of respect and discipline you have shown has been well. So I wish that you should maintain it for the goodness of this great nation,” Akoi added.

Mr. Akoi stated that they were really interested in seeing youth of South Sudan coming together to work for peace.

“Our main idea as Wrestling Federation was to see our youth as one youth. We want them to be together. Whenever anyone travels to his neighbors then there would be no problems,” Akoi explained.

He urged the communities who did not participate in the wrestling to be patient and wait for other upcoming cultural festivals.

“Even if you have not participated in wrestling then we are asking you to be patient and wait for other cultural festivals. Our idea is to bring South Sudan under respected cultural norms and values,” Mr. Akoi added.

According to Akoi, the event will be conducted after every three months to enhance efforts of youth peace building.

Ajak John Goch Secretary General of Wrestling Federation said that they were about to achieve their set goals of building connection and sense of togetherness among the people of South Sudan.

“It has now brought people of different ethnicities together. Make now friends and engage together in peace building. We want people to know each other and preach peace among themselves as people of South Sudan,” he reiterated.

He added that there would be total peace at the borders of the wrestlers due to the level of cooperation shown during the wrestling competition.

Goch called on all people across the nation to develop wrestling and avoid local problems that normally bring disunity of the people.




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