Terekeka State appeals for urgent humanitarian aid

By Kidega Livingstone

Women of Kokalong village in Terekeka County of Terekeka State have called on Rights and Support for Vulnerable Persons (RSVP) for urgent assistance in the area.

The women in the aforementioned community decried the dire shortage of medicines, lack of food and unprecedented level of school dropout among girls.

Rebecca Keji 34 years, a mother of four said people are surviving on leaves and women walk for long distance and unsafe places in search for food because there has been poor harvest this year owing to the outbreak of floods, and drought.

“We are surviving on leaves because the crops we planted this year especially grains and groundnuts have been destroyed by floods. We need urgent assistance,” Keji told Juba Monitor during an assessment program by RSVP.

Keji added that the humanitarian group should also address the issue of poor medical facilities within the State and ensure sufficient drug supply.

“People here are depending on clinics to get good medication. One of the organizations was helping us but their contract has ended, and now we are suffering from malaria, typhoid and many other diseases. When are you coming to help us?” she questioned.

Susan Ladu a mother of two in Lijo County said that they share contaminated drinking water with animals, which puts their health at risk.

“We have the borehole but every time it’s breaking down, that makes us to move for a long distance looking for drinking water,” said Susan.

Viola Victor Taban a Primary Seven drop out pupil of St Steve Primary School told Juba Monitor that she left the school because of the school fees.

“I have been chased from school several times because of the school fees and now I gave up. I was supposed to pay 4,400SSP but my parents could not raise that amount for my school fees,” she said.

Santino Magok, a Father of four children said that the only serious problem in their area is the issue of fighting among men and women because of money and food.

“Here the most important thing is medicine and we don’t have enough money for buying drugs .This sometime causes violence among couples,” said Magok.

The Deputy Governor of Terekeka State John Modi Mola welcomed the initiative by the RASVP for doing their assessments in the villages of Terekeka State to assist the vulnerable people in the State.

“You are free to do your assessment in all part of Terekeka State because your activities of helping the vulnerable people is very important for us the government officials of the State because it’s also helping us,” said Modi

Modi expressed that most areas are not accessible because of the heavy rain in the State but he advised support should be extended to the elderly widows and children.

Executive Director for RASVP, Amuta Paska Oboi told Juba Monitor that as soon as the organization established the office in the State the vulnerable people will start getting the assistance.

“We got a green light from the State government for us to start our activities in Terekeka State. Good enough the assessment was done by our team and we are waiting to establish our office so that we can start our activities of helping the vulnerable people of Terekeka State,” said Paska.

She said they will start with Terekeka State and the targeted States will include Yei River, Liech and Torit depending on the funds available.

She said that the organization got little funds that they will be able to rescue the situation in Terekeka State.

Paska said that their activities would circle in the areas of Gender Based Violence where the communities would be sensitized on Gender based violence because it’s one of the most prevailing things affecting the communities

RASVP is a new registered National Nongovernmental organization that did the assessment in Terekeka to start helping the vulnerable people especially women and girls in the area of Gender Based Violence, medical facilities provision and food supply.

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