Terekeka denies marram extraction allegations

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The authorities in Terekeka state have denied allegations that communities were refusing extraction of marram for road construction.

Some people who spoke to Juba Monitor claimed that the construction company that engaged in the work was facing difficulties in getting marram for its work.

The ongoing construction of Juba-Rumbek Road via Terekeka is expected to be accomplished within four years.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in a phone interview yesterday, Terekeka State Information Minister Joseph Nyombe denied the allegations, saying “I did not hear anything concerning the local community refusing to give marram for road construction.”

He added that the communities were playing their roles by giving land for marram extraction to be used for the road.

“I have never heard of any incident that the communities have refused to give marram for the road construction. Not in Terekeka, may be in other places. Work is going on well with the road construction to the Eastern lakes and the communities are cooperating,” he said.

In an early visit, the Minister of Roads and Bridges Rebecca Joshua Okwachi appealed to the local community to own the road construction and provide all the necessary assistance to the companies.



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