Terekeka beats Eastern Lakes State in a wrestling match


The wrestlers tussle during the event (photo by Manyuon Mayen):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Terekeka State youth have beaten Eastern Lakes State three to two points after twelve wrestlers from each side wrestled on Saturday.

Youth of Eastern Lakes were the first to score two points before Terekeka State youth gained momentum to earn three points to overtake Eastern Lakes.

The wrestling was organized under the theme “Wrestling for peace and reconciliation.”

Speaking after the Wrestling, Centre Referee Mr. Ajak Kongor said that the wrestling competition was planned as a means to bring peace among the three states of Eastern Lakes, Terekeka and Jonglei respectively.

“As youth are now engaging in wrestling, it is a way of preserving peace and unity among the three states. The three mentioned states will now preach peace in their border lines. They will help raise young generation with the sense of durable unity amongst the people,” Kongor stressed.

He said that it was going to help the Youth to stick to their cultures and continue to remember the old generation.

“This wrestling exercise is going to help the young youth to think about their cultures. Youth will continue to know their cultures,” he said.

The head of organizing committee and supervisor Mr. Makuol Lual Deng stated that the wrestling competition will help to determine those who will represent South Sudan abroad in some cultural events.

“After the wrestling, the winners will represent South Sudan in other countries as a way of promoting our cultures in the region. It will help them build and discover more cultural values that will promote South Sudan internationally,” Deng said.

The Wrestling event was organized by South Sudan Wrestling Federation in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

Terekeka State will take on Jonglei State today in the finals at 2 pm at Juba Stadium.


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