Tension high in Koboko over the killing of drivers

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

There was high tension in Uganda, Koboko Municipality on Monday following the news of four Ugandan taxi drivers killed along Yei Juba road on Sunday.

The tension has made South Sudanese in Kobokotown to live in fear with the assumption that some Ugandans may plan to take revenge attack.

However, Mayor of Koboko Municipality Wilson Sanya told Juba Monitor that, they had advised the public in the town to remain calm as they engage the security committee of South Sudan Embassy in Uganda and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to handle the matter.

“I have been appealing to our local people that for us as a country, revenge is not part of our philosophy, we need to be calm as government will take it up to see how to bring to attention the authorities of south Sudan to humble our people when they are in that country,” Mayor Sanyaappealed.

Mr.Sanya added that they were going to have a committee meeting to resolve on what is needed and make formal communication to the Embassy and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to see that safety of Ugandans while they are in South Sudan.

Mukiratik the Chairperson for taxi stage said, he talked to the taxi drivers and the local communities to control their emotions because South Sudanese leaving in Uganda are innocent and are victims of the violence in their country.

OdongJeofryEily, Deputy DistrictInternal Security officer confirmed the attack and said, many South Sudanese living in Koboko fear to open their businesses as he appeals for calm among the locals.

“This morning I called some to my office, lets continue to contain our emotions, in Uganda we have the law but the other side things are different,” he said.

Mr.Odong said people must bear in mind that they have relatives and Ugandans in the other side saying revenge is a bad option.

“Those who are with us in the camps also ran away from the same trouble in the other side from attack saying it will not change situation,” he added.

However,unconfirmed reports also indicates that seven more people were killed at the same point on Monday morning which identities are yet to be established.

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