Tension grips Nilepet with new chief near exchange of blows

By James Atem Kuir

The national oil firm, Nilepet was on Tuesday gripped in tension after the newly installed Managing Director reportedly almost got engaged in a fist fight with a senior finance staff following a heated argument just a day after he took office.

Dr. Chol Deng Thon Abel who took oath of office on Monday to replace Bol Ring Muorwel, is said to have begun his Tuesday morning by deploying three finance staff and two human resource employees, a move that sparked resistance from the disgruntled workers.

A source inside Nilepet told Juba Monitor yesterday that Dr. Abel confronted one Charles, a cashier after he refused to “kneel down”as the boss demanded.

Majak is said to be a bitter rival ofDr. Abel according to the confidential source.

The source confirmed that Dr. Abelengaged in a heated argument with the said cashier before allegedly almost attacking him with blows resulting in a frantic scuffle that took a number of staff to finally separate the two battlers.

Juba Monitor could not succeed in getting comments from the parties in question as known contacts did not connect by press time.

Dr. Abel had earlier on Monday when he took office offered to forgive those holding grudges against him and also asked forgiveness. Following the incident, sources confided that a division between staff was evident between drivers, body guards and others who have created camps to support or not the new chief.

The Nilepet Chief was appointed last week to replace his former successor Bol Ring Muorwelwho took over from him in September last year.

Nilepet has suffered tainted image as allegations of corruption, mismanagement, nepotismand lack of accountability continue to emerge with staff accusing the senior administrators of the vices.

A damning report by National Audit Chamber in May this year revealed that the largest oil sector investment company had never been audited to ascertain its finance standings as its managers fail to submit financial reports since its inception in 2009.

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