Tension brews in Kondokoro after gang violence left scores injured

Photo of Kondokoro Island

By Bida Elly David

Tempers are running in Kondokoro after parents of kids injured in a fight between youth groups erupted inclashes and dispersed a meeting of area residents summoned to discuss the aftermath of the violence yesterday.

Youth groups in Kondokoro, an island located more than 20 kilometres east of Juba,fought each other resulting in scores of injuries on Sunday, according to the National Police Deputy Spokesperson.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Thomas Kose, an elder in the village, said chiefs and elders had called for a meeting to discuss and resolve the youth violence that had brought the area to a standstill when disgruntle parents from both sides of the fighting youth stood up and shouted at each other but quickly escalated into a confused fighting despite efforts by elders to stop the violence.

“When the elders whose sons were injured during the gang fight violently interrupted the meeting with a fight, some of us tried to calm the situation but we could not manage since others so far reached the stage of carrying harmful objects for hazards,’’ Kose said.

Mr Kose said fighting had subsided but tension remained high by the time he spoke to Juba Monitor yesterday noon. The elder appealed for intervention and deployment of national police service personnel to curtain further eruption of violence.

Major General Daniel Justin, the National Police Spokespersonhowever said that forces have been deployed in the area,but are yet to determine the exact cause of the youth violence on Sunday.

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