Tension as visually impaired union official resist eviction

By Bida Elly David

The chairperson of the Central Equatoria State Blind Union on Tuesday desperately resisted to leave office even after the security agents tried to force him out of on orders from the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare.

This came after the State   Ministry made series of request for election to be held according to the rules and term stated in their constitution.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Robert Ladu the chairperson of the   blind union said, at least twenty visual impaired persons were assaulted by national Security agents and forcefully ordered them to leave the office premises immediately.

‘’At least twenty visually impaired persons were assaulted by the national security officersand forcefully ordered to vacate the office with immediate effect.

Ladu said, the National Security are said to have been sent by the Director-General from the State Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare to kick them out for having failed to conduct election.

‘’We all know that the national security personnel were sent by the director general for the ministry of Gender, child and social welfare. We the executives have not refused to conduct elections but the decision taken by the director-general requesting the national security to evict us was not fair and just. He said

He pointed out that there were series of meetings held between the ministry and the union towards election process but surprisingly eviction order was processed. He condemned and termed the act barbaric.

‘’ Since several meetings were held between the union and the Ministry on election process, the latter did not respect the recommendation. I strongly condemned the in-human barbaric act in the strongest terms possible. This is not the way to treat the disabled persons.’’ He pointed

However, Mandela Isaac a member for the ad-hoc committee to resolve crisis of the union revealed that, the ministry was not in coordination with the union towards their affairs. He reiterated that if there was coordination, things would not have reached to this stage.

‘’The ministry was not in coordination with the union towards their affairs that was why they decided to come with fishy decisions to expel us from here. Due to the orders by the director-general, some members of the visually impaired have sustained injuries’’

Juba monitor’s efforts to reach the national security and Central Equatoria Ministry of Gender, Child and Social wWelfare were not immediately succeful.

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