Ten patients recovered from orthopedics operation

By Wek Atak Kacjang

At least ten patients of different injuries have recovered from orthopedics operations in Juba Teaching Hospital after Chinese medical team intervened.

Dr. Julius Wu, one of the doctors demonstrating treatment said his team was working closely with medical workers in the Hospital to respond to the cases of emergency. 

He added that they were putting measures in place to arrange emergency rooms accordingly in order to make it better for response. 

“Patients with injuries need a lot of requirements to be involved to solve the problem like orthopedics surgery because we need the department to be involved to solve the problem. Without help from South Sudan’s doctors, we cannot manage to do the operations successfully because during the surgery we cooperate with each other but we did it successfully,” Wu said.

He further appreciated the doctors for the spirit and cooperation that was showed to them during the surgical works in the hospitals.

“I think Chinese medical teams and Juba teaching hospital medical workers has pledge to rescue the wounded patients, when the patients need our help immediately we will forward the help without any invitation.

 Also we have a plan to coordinate with other hospitals so that we provide medical health to locals because these operations we are conducting are for the future help to our communities.

Meanwhile, the General Surgeon, Dr. Jensen Shen said that Juba Teaching Hospital is the best because during operation you find doctors are very busy moving from the operating theatre to a large area nearby with medical monitoring equipment and specially trained staff.

 “In some hospitals, it may be called a recovery ward or post-anesthesia care unit. It might be a shared space or a private room. We told the patients who were successfully operated to spend 45 minutes to 2 hours in every recovery room where nurse will watch at them closely because one may stay longer depending on surgery, and how fast may wake up from the anesthesia,” Shen said.

Early this month Chinese medical team came in the country replacing the first team that left to Beijing.

They health experts came to the country at a request placed by the government through the Ministry of Health to offer capacity building to local doctors and other health practitioners on management of coronavirus pandemic.

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