Temporary stop to SSD permits a relieve

Parliament has brought to a temporary end the issuance of SSD driving permits. The house has instructed the traffic police department to go slow on the matter until a clear position is given. This follows a successful petition to the assembly to have the matter reconsidered on national interest. Indeed there were mix reactions initially as to how the matter would be handled considering time factor which was not adequate. The operation to have all these permits changed from States codes to the national code was put in to action immediately by the traffic department although the fee charged was high and needed time to be paid. In default, there was on the spot heavy fines or being arraigned in courts. What many motorists requested was enough time to prepare so that they could move forward with the change. It was not refusal per-se but a request which could have been understood for its logical needs of human understanding. Now that the house has found it to be proper to grant a grace period while the matter was being handled amicably, it should be left with the understanding that enough period of time would be given if the need for national unification of the permits are taken. For now the civil society which took this matter up and petitioned parliament has done what is expected from many of them. To be the voice of the people spearheading matters of national concern. There are many out there who are not doing much for the public. They should be called and told to wake up because their cause and activities are calling and the common-man needs their support in advocating the needs of the majority. This is when they can be identified and called civil societies. For now FODAC congratulations.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


We had to discourage our common friend from his threat of resigning from his current office which was helping him put food for his family on the table. He had come to despair and with a non-functional state of mind. He did not want to understand the promise given by those in-charge of electricity and dam that soon Juba will get X-Mas gift in the name of power. He was contemplating quitting the city all together. His reason(s), he could not make end meet and was unable to provide for his family. He had become almost of no use to his dependents who could not afford to get the basic. He was so upset with his vicinity that he wanted out. SaPT was on the brink of seeking intervention from the almighty, but went short of that because it started to rain and some of us had a very good and noble idea. Since he did not want any more with town life. There was life in even the village farm. He could make use of his remaining strength to tilt and cultivate large track of land he once boasted his grandfather had left behind. We told him that life was not only enjoyable in the city but if one makes it well in the rural area he can be treated like top notch achiever. Using land for agriculture as a business was equally important and those who had adopted this life wanted nothing to do with town life. They are considered in the bracket of economy boosters of a country. They produce what brings in revenue and this is why we thought since our friend was in a dilemma and could not sustain town life and could not give himself and his family the needed domestic basics, it was time for him to pack and go to start trying a new life in the farm as a farmer. The idea sounded real and so well-meant until a phone came. One of SaPT’s friends had gone to see one, Lt. Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang, the man in charge of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development. This man had revealed that starting from next week, all foreigners working in the country will have to register with his Ministry, otherwise after a certain given period of time or grace period, and they would be confronted with the laws of this country. He told SaPT not to panic as there were going to be a number of vacancies in both public and private sectors that had been occupied or manned by foreigners. Our friend shelved the idea of leaving the city for rural home. This is the kind of mind-set without development agenda. A man has to stand with one made decision for onward move.

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