It is the right of the families of the victims of Pieri plane crash to demand justice for the loved ones who are no longer with them and they only live to remember by imaginations and images. It is not right for the government and the plane company managements to keep mum without telling or up-dating the families of what was going on. Since March 2nd almost two months ago, the crash occurred killing ten people including the pilots. The company South Supreme Airline took to the ground and informed the public that they had flown in expert investigators to find out the cause of air accident. The investigators who were said to have come from Europe did not make any public appearance or tabled their finding for public consumption. Since then the management remained silent over the matter and if they are doing something then it is them who knows what they are doing. The initial reports that they would come public seems to be a day dream going by what the families of the victims are telling the public. The aviation authority and mother ministry of transport are not any better because they are not coming out in the public domain. This attitude from those concerned have forced the family to come out in public to demand for justice. This is not the way such an issue of national concern should be handled. The airline company and the institutions concerned with the crash findings should handle the matter. Not only the families of the victims are in need of the information but the general public would wish to know what actually happened and if the plane was licensed and authorized to fly in the sky space of the country. There is no way such planes could be allowed in other airspace and how they end up here should be a concern to the authorities.

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