Consumers may not take the announcement that the prices of basic commodities will be stabilized soon as the gospel of truth or reality. In the past there have been similar pronouncements but with little if any effect of the market trend. Prices of basic items continue to skyrocket beyond the reach of the common-man. Which begs questions on how this time around the move will succeed. It is one thing to make announcement and another to actualize the same. Take for example bottled water small size can be selling at one point at 30SSP while the same is sold next door at 50 SSP. Many families cannot afford the basics and things like meat of fish are no longer in their menu. Not because they are unable but because the prices are beyond their pocket reach. With the kind of announcement by the business community, it would have been ideal and realistic to spell out the measures to be taken by the assistance of government organs charged with price monitoring and regulatory docket. Stabilizing means “putting at agreeable level or causing to become stable.” If this can be achieved then consumers and the country will move further and to better future. It could have been ideal and if possible to control prices of basic domestic food items and other necessities. Even if it is for the time being until the economic situation improves. Open market is competitive and goes with buying by demand. In cases where there is economic shortfall, the authorities look for a way out to cushion the burden from the public like being done for fuel consumption in the country. Consumers are being subsidized although it takes toll on the national revenue. For the time being until the economic situation improves, can there be a way out for consumers as they await the stabilization of the prices?

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


The world is full of people who forget the good they have been done by their fellow human being. There are those who also forgive but don’t forget the bad they have undergone at the hands of their fellow beings. It depends in which category or which skull of thought you are subscribing to or in which class of thought you would want to disseminate within and across the border. It came to being that we are all human beings created by the same creator but who will not go the same way at the same time. This is why it is important to think and do what is best for your own understanding and life as long as you are still alive and in worldly contact with other human beings. This brings us back and reminds us of this young man who had once upon a time after growing to an adult went to visit his old father back at swags (rural home) and we quote. “A 40 year old man visited his old father who could no longer see very well. As both of them sat in front the old man’s house chatting, a dove flew in and perched on the window. The old asked his son. Is that a dove that perched on the window? The son replied yes dad. After a short while, the old man asked the son the same question the second time and got the same answer. When he asked the same question the third time, his son became angry and rebuked him saying. This is why I hate visiting you. You keep repeating questions. The old man was silent for about ten minutes, and then, he asked the son to go into his bedroom and fetch his old diary. The son did as requested. Then he asked him to read page two of the diary. The words read:-

My son is three years old today. As we sat in front of the house playing a dove flew in and perched on the window. My son asked me 30 times if it was a dove. I gladly replied yes to each question. I cannot explain in words how happy I am that my son has learned to talk. What a wonderful to remember”. The young man dropped on the ground, then he cried and apologized to his father. The old man spoke again. “Enough son, one mistake cannot make you less a man, but repeating the same mistake over and over again can kill any man. I have chosen today to teach the final lesson before I depart this world. The lesson for today is Patience. Always be kind and considerate to the less privileged. This is how you will stand out in eternity. Be nice to everyone on your way up, you’ll definitely meet them again on your way down”.

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