Teenager sentenced to ten years over defilement

By Bakindo Stephen -Maridi

A 17 year old boy has been sentenced for ten years imprisonment for raping a six year old girl in Maridi on Sunday, Maridi county high court said.  

According to the Judge, the court found the perpetrator guilt under South Sudan penal court 2008 sub-section 247. 

The Police Inspector Emmanuel Laku said there was increase in number of rape cases during lockdown.

 “Since the closure of schools due to Covid-19, we have registered 34 rape cases within the period of 6 months and at least in day we can register 1 to 3 cases. So, I want to urge all the parents and the  communities of Maridi to take care of their young girls, you should not leave your children alone at home,” Laku said.

He told the community to report any rape case to the nearest police station saying parents should stop hiding cases of rape happening in the community.  He also warned youth in Maridi to distance   themselves from drugs and respect the community where they live.  

“I want to tell you the youths of Maridi to stop using drugs, and we should be exemplary, these girls are your sisters. You should look for girls of your age and above 18 years, I want to tell you to open your eyes and we are working to reduce the rape cases by sending the wrong people  to the prison,” he stressed.

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