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Odongo Odoyo

With Odongo Odoyo

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, so they say;this was and is the dream of one young man l met recently who has been longing to enter into the world of entrepreneurship, Emmanuel William, the founder of 3L-Technology operating under the 3L- General Trading and Investment Company Limited.  His ambition like all young South Sudanese is to build a formidable economic background for today and future well-being of the mother-land.Indeed armed with this ambition, William enters into the world of providing security cameras that are equipped with scanners and could monitor business premises and institutions which requires effective security. This new line he opted to just recently although has been in other businesses that made him be one of the expected self-made millionaires in the country. It is not what he will be that took my attention, but his ambition in trying his hands outside the white collar job. His interest to do that and promote what he can locally without relying on external hand. It was his love for the country that made me pay more attention to this young-man. As he narrated his long journey to the present, l was impressed and saw a young-man who wanted to make it clean without dirt in the business world. Yes, the company is dealing in providing and supplying security gadgets among others, with reasonable and competitive prices, but what is more he promised to pursue his dream and make a man of himself in the private sector and not going for office or white collar job. I remained wondering and vision a country that will have youth or young people running their own economy. If only other youth could remain patriotic to their mother-land and follow the footstep of their fellow colleague in their age bracket who are ready and eagerly going into private businesses or making themselves in the self-employment world.  If only we all the youth included could have such ambition, then within no time this country could be back on its feet economically and open door for employment opportunities. If only the youth could turn and start thinking that every sector of the country should be developed not only by the government but with all stakeholders including themselves, and then all would be well and manageable within a very short time. For the young William and his quest, walk tall looking forward that the sky is the limit and nothing can stand on your way until you reach your preferred goal. Many who have made it started the way you have. In all undertakings there are risks involved that should not discourage you. This is how 3L-Technology can beat the odds and be where it is supposed to be without hindrance. This should be the dream of the youth countrywide with the simplest purpose of building their future and that of the country. 

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