Technology is much cheaper, says Prof. Akech

Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Patent, is the fact that the virus is proving itself superior to us, not only us however, but, the whole World. Who can deny that, through its order, the whole world is under a lockdown? Because of literally unseen thing, people have stopped operating as normal. This is a proof of its power over us, moreover, destructive kind of power. The disease has the tendency and ability to rob us our precious life. If spared of your life, other aspects are affected. Education, as a necessity for a complete man, is any way affected and perhaps, this country is near to the old age. This is so unfortunate and needing.

Fortunate enough, there is this statement, “Technology is much cheaper,’’ says prof. Akech. Technology is almost a solution to all man’s problems, lockdown challenges inclusive. However, one has to admit that the good of technology is never felt the same way the world over. Some, if luckily they have felt it, it is just a few days back. They have not fully enjoyed the fruit of technology because of one reason or another. In other words, it requires stages or steps to get technology established all over the world. It is a process that takes one, two or even more decades. We, jumping in to it this way becomes questionable and doubtful to some. I am among, for several reasons. One is less or not a bigger number, with knowledge about internet. Not even ones, in our universities can the word internet and its contents, sound familiar to. More clear and important is the fact that education about internet comes first before internet helps students get educated in other aspects. And perhaps, the recent step by the University of Juba is without a base and any time, it can stumble and fall. Note this down, our country has people now in the university, who, even if given smart phones or computers for free [probably, most students, at the moment cannot afford], they are not able to access the information helpful to them. This is because they lack basic knowledge about the working of dot com. In fact, they do not know about it. All, they know is, where a lecturer comes to class, talk and in the end, distributes to students handouts for further revision. These students, how will online studies be helpful to them? The other reason why this program will prove harder and un-helpful is the fact that, there are students who only understand when they are seeing a lecturer, or if with friends. This habit, is inherited from our secondary and primary teachings, where the teachers only train students to always depend on them. At these levels, in our country, students and pupils are never taught to work even when there is no help from someone. For home or class works, and even exams, they look to teachers and friends, for answers and beyond. So, who cannot doubt the success of our students, in this program, where, alone with complicated internet and language, one is left to fit?

It is too early for this country to fully benefit from and adopt this program. Prepared, at the moment, we are not. Certainly, there must always be a profit from the programs we set, getting the otherwise, is no important but instead, destructive and failure attracting. Anyway, it may be helpful to some, but our target must always be general or all-round, not specific. All in all, the program, must be appreciated, because it aims at helping the students, while also keeping the measures of preventing and controlling the virus.

But, there is this statement, it reads, ‘’he further explained that they will try to provide areas even where the wireless internet would be accessed jointly, ’extracted from a story coverage of the program. Mark, the word, jointly. I thought the program would obey the measure of social distancing. Relation, school opening equals online learning. A better choice will later have us appreciated for.

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