Technical committee to decide on schools’ reopening date

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The technical committee tasked with reopening of the schools will be sitting sometimes this week to determine on the schools reopening dates.

On Friday, the Cabinet directed the Ministries of Education and Health to reopen schools; six months after the learning institutions were closed over coronavirus. It was not clear when the schools officially resume though the directives were emphasized.

While addressing the weekly briefing on Sunday, the Health Ministry revealed that the aforesaid ministries were tasked to come up with guidelines for reopening before the full resumption.

But in an interview on Monday, Dr. Thuou Loi the Official Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, who is also a part of the technical committee, revealed that the team was considering working on the plans to decide on the reopening date soon. 

“We will resume meeting immediately during the course of the week to agree on the fundamentals,” he said.

Dr. Loi affirmed that once the committee sits, they would be able to officially communicate the opening date as instructed by the government.

A reliable source from the Ministry of General Education and Instruction revealed that the decision to determine the dates for reopening was solely an obligation of the Undersecretary and the Minister of General Education as other concerned partners contribute. Public is curious over the directive made without indicated dates for resumption. 

Attempts to the Ministries of General and Higher Education’s top officials for comment on the development did not work out.

But when contacted externally, Simon Nyok Deng, the National Examinations Council Secretary General said that the concerned committee must be working on the reopening schedules.

“I am sure by next week; they would have made it public. However, I am also working on my plan on when the examinations can take place but this will only be possible after the reopening date is revealed,” he said.

Mr. Deng said the schedules of examinations would be ready by Wednesday deadline as he waits for academy calendar from the Education authority.

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