Teachers are the pillar and foundation of a nation who should be treated with utmost respect and care in all aspects of life. They are not supposed to lack or beg and when they are demanding to have their dues which have been outstanding for more than 14 months then something is not really right with the mother ministry. Teachers in Jonglei have threatened to sue the national government over unpaid dues. It is unfortunate that they could reach this far just because one or two individuals who are not doing their jobs as prescribed in their terms and condition of public employments. One a room must be created between the parties for amicable solution to be found. Second should the Jpnglei teachers be talking for others in parts of the country then the move to arbitrate should not be delayed. It can only be solved at this time when children are still locked out of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Ministry concerned should make the fastest move to contain the situation and if possible have round the table talks with teachers across the country over the matter. True the economic situation is understood, but on the same breath, 14 months without getting what is rightfully prescribed cannot be taken at face value. Some seriousness should be demonstrated in handling the matter since teachers are also part of this country and they understand better the current situation. The demand should not be ignored and there should be a smooth landing point when schools resume without yet another disruption like the one caused by COVID-19. Teachers should be made proud to do their work. This needs honest motivation and support from the ministry and all key players in the education sector. Each and every one knows and understands the role teachers play in shaping the destiny of the country.

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