A foot for thought

Teachers’ money should be paid immediately

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Last year, teachers of various schools said they could not go to classes if their money was not paid as expected. They gave a dateline on the third of January 2022. When it reached that date, the money was not paid and they said will continue with the strike until they receive their salaries as it was approved by the authorities.

However, earlier this year, the governor of Central Equatoria state said, he is going to pay the money, let the teachers start work. They refused to listen to the request of the governor and stick to what they said. As a result, pupils have become the victims, they go to schools, and teachers are on a sit-down strike, saying they will never go to classes unless their money is paid.

For how long will this situation continue? What is delaying the payment after Governor Emmanuel Adil accepted to pay them? Authorities should speak up quickly in this matter.

This long strike is not advisable for the situation of schools in the country. It will affect the school’s curriculum at the end of the year. On the other hand, it seems like the Ministry of education failed in its responsibility as an institution responsible for teachers in the state.

It is going to affect the state government schools and promote private schools. Those teachers, some of the will leave government schools and join private ones so that they get good salaries. Others would leave the teaching profession because of such conditions which is bad. Their long strike shows a bad indication and lack of cooperation with the authorities in the state. Those parents who are poor, their children will not get a quality education. It would be bad with girls; many of them would leave school and get married, which will affect them in the future.

 Nevertheless, education is light and key to a bright future; let teachers’ rights be fulfilled so that they continue with teaching. Denying their rights is denying progress in the country!

May God bless us all.

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