Teachers deserting their profession

By Okan Thomas Onyango

As the country is still struggling with the economic instability, the number of teachers in schools has significantly declined.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor Newspaper, Gama Elia Kundu the head teacher of Juba Commercial Secondary School said that colleges of education might close very soon because there is no concern being shown to them, making them quit their profession.

“We urge our government to put things in order; they should have policies of education in the country. The number of teachers in the country has decreased considerably because there is no concern given to them. Even academically, the colleges of education in many universities in the country have been registering less or no undergraduates and this means that they have no interest in this profession anymore because they now believe that this is one of the poorest careers in the country,” Gama said.

Contacted on the issue, the Undersecretary in the Ministry of General Education and Instruction, Dr. Kuyok Abol Kuyok said that he could not comment on the matter.

Juba Commercial, a mixed secondary School with two hundred thirty-one students, female students being majority is one of the schools set to sit for the South Sudan National Examinations this year.

“Although we have limited number of classes, we have tried by all means to adhere to all the Covid-19 precautions. Students are committed to their studies, the Covid- 19 facilities are available, but the problem is that teachers were promised by the government some incentives and up to now it is all in vain,” he said.

“Despite the hardships, we encourage the students to work very hard and be patient because the future of this country belongs to them. If they are well educated, then they will come up and build this country but when they are ignored and denied education then this will bring a lot of setbacks in future,” Gama added.

However, Josephine Juan, an arts student from the school said that given the few teachers that they have, they are still struggling with their studies and hope for a brighter future.

“Schools have so many challenges but we have to cope with those challenges. The Covid-19 has really affected us because we have been at home for all this time and now the time given to us before sitting for the final examinations is so limited. I would also like to tell my other colleagues to return to school because despite the challenges that we are facing at the end of it all we shall have a brighter future,” Josephine said.

Thiel Bol Dhil, another student said that the challenges that they are facing are teachers sometimes reporting late for the lessons because their salaries do not come on time and that sometimes discourages them because they lack transport.

“I also encourage the rest of the students who are outside there and have not yet resumed their studies to come and focus on their studies. Nothing can change our lives unless if we go for education,” he encouraged.

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