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Teacher says sold personal properties to run School

Ms Rina Amodong Oliver and pupils during the graduation ceremony

By Kidega Livingstone

Ms. Rehina Amodong Oliver, a teacher at El-Shaddai Nursery and Primary school in Lemon-Gaba a suburb in Gurei claims a dire situation at the school forced to sell her properties including steel doors to raise funds and support the school.

Amodong said several her colleagues left the school due to low payment leaving her alone to run the school until at the end of its first graduation that took place on Saturday.

“I have been working here for six months… all the teachers just left the school because of the payment, but because I know my roles as a mother and teacher so suffer until I started selling some of my things including my steel doors to make sure that the children have completed the year and graduated,” she said

“Parents are rigid when it come to the payment of school fees, I was overloaded with work, I am a woman, how can I be alone in the school and the rest of the teachers are not there, so what can do?. Can I also leave the children I run like others? I am just taking the example of Jesus that is why I scarified myself and surrender my life to teach this children and if not because of me the school would have collapse.”

Rina said 60% of the pupils are orphans.

“Parents here they don’t have way of educating their kids and I realized that there are so many kids who don’t have their parents, if you chase a kid at home, the guardians come and say they really tried to look for money but failed and you will [have to] allow the kid to continue coming to school,” the teacher said.

El-Shaddi Nursery and Primary School was established two years ago and has registered over 500 pupils.

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