Teacher is the best

My mind is once downed to the old memories. The first time I stepped in an environment called school, life was really different. I met different faces. I saw many children of my age while others were older. Though there was difference in height and physical appearance, such things as dressing style, made us to possess one title, as pupils and later students.

Life in school is really fine though there are common punishments and stress caused by books. Making good friends and learning from one other as children from various different backgrounds is good. It is something which is amazing with life at school.  Whenever I crack my mind to know who is so special in my life, father and mother are the most supportive people alongside other relatives and friends.  Since I was young, they provided me with everything within their means; food, drinks and clothes among others. They respected and cared for me, unfortunately, these things are never enough.

What is not taught to a child at home by a parent or guardian must be taught outside by the world. I did not know much about the creations of this world but when I was taken to school I was able to learn different more things.  It makes me remember the year I was in Juba Model Primary school. The school choir where I was also a member composed a nice song called “Teacher is the best” talking about the goodness of the teacher. The message in the lyrics says, “The teacher has changed the world using ABC and 123. Teacher taught me, changed me, changed my life, and that teacher is the best among the rest.” The song says that teacher is the best all over the world. Wherever you go, you will find a teacher suffering and teaching children so that they can change, indeed they get the change they work for. Teacher taught many people to become teachers, doctors, pilots, engineers and so forth. Without a teacher, there would be no anything called education. There are different careers today because there were teachers yesterday.

From North to South, Eastern, South Sudan to Kenya, London to New York, a teacher is still the best.

When eating good food, sleeping in magnificent House, driving V.8 we have to remember the teacher. The Teacher is the one who gave you this good life you are enjoying. If you happen to find your teacher years after you completed your studies, will you not be happy? You may be a president, a minister, governor, business person etc. It is a time for you to at least praise the one who showed you the right direction. If it was not the teacher who educated you, where do you think you would find a better life without education?

Sometimes, you may be a boss and happen to get your former teacher who might have branched into other side or life career and became hopeless and frustrated with life by taking alcohol or drugs, will you run away from him? A teacher is like your father and mother. Show respect to the teacher even if they have disabilities or they are poor. No matter how he/she looks. A book may have an ugly title but with good contents. So you just mind of what is in the teacher’s head.

One of us may think that the knowledge acquired is paid for, but I insist that the value of knowledge given by the teacher cannot be compared to or equaled with the fees and other expenditures wasted in school. If the teacher says that he wants his knowledge back and you take your money, will you really accept? Money is easily got and spent but when you are lucky enough to get education, you will be the one utilizing and benefiting from it. See the teacher like your boss and parent.

What I like from the teachers is love for all children. Teachers are not tribal, not selfish and not even earning valuable salary yet he gives what he has.

Teacher is the only person that everyone who has gone to school has a story to say about. The top officials, rich people, scholars are all products of the teacher. So why is it hard for us to analyze their sacrifices that transformed us from ethnical barriers?

The teacher vows to our complaints, force us to learn what we did not know. What a grace! Teacher is our master all and someone teaches you what don’t know, you have to give thanks.

The bad part is when we are taught but fail in life and turn to be criminals that spoil the names of those who tried to educate us.

Why not show our happiness and goodness to teachers again. We can help them in any way possible. Like if you have money, you could visit your teacher and give something for water as your thanksgiving. You should also go around to special occasions such that you again memorize the old days you spent in school. You may also help your teacher by sponsoring his child or teaching him or her.

Look at the government, it consists of different officials but they got those positions through their qualifications which they acquired in education and a teacher is the root foundation. They leaders should again remember their teachers by addressing all complaints like delay of little salary which is not enough to sustain the life of the family and given effective training to strengthen their teaching skills.

Teacher must be respected and loved no matter what or who they are or where they originate from. A teacher is the second person after parent. Teacher is also a servant inspired by God to help generation by teaching civilization. The teacher will remain the best.

My message to all the teachers is, God is the one using you to change His children. Whatever you do, will not die but one day your head will fly. The result of selfless word will bring blessings to you and your family. Though you are not given enough respect and money, just go ahead with your work. Your first aim is to change the minds of this illiterate generation.  Glory will be yours.

The writer is a high school student reachable by Email: akol.akol49@gmail.com

By Akol Arop Akol

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