Tax official to be grilled over funds mismanagement

By John Agok

The National  Revenue Authority (NRA) official that was suspended last week due to mismanagement, incompetency and insubordination, pending investigation by independent panel which would accord him to defend himself. 

In a letter dated 11ththismonth seen by Juba Monitor, NRA Boss Dr. Patrick K Mugoya suspended Mr. Daniel Deng Magot, the Commissioner for corporate service with immediate effect.

Magot has been charged of mismanaging finance in a phrase that read, five months after announcement of the current financial year he has failed to submit a draft of budget for the authority despite the numerous oral and written reminders by the Commissioner General.

 In the same record, he had not produced the NRA Annual Financial Report for 2020 /2021, in addition to those reminders from the Commissioner General.

On Revenue collection control and transfers, one of the key revenue collection controls was to reconcile revenue collection figures with amounts banked and subsequently transferred to the Government. He has never made any efforts to perform this critical function. As a result, reconciled revenue figures stand at billions of SSP.

Instead, he chose to travel abroad for a non-NRA activity using NRA funds to cover, not only his travel expenses, but also those of a non-NRA official who accompanied him. Thatwas not the only misuse of NRA funds, but also insubordination.

In view of the above, he was suspended from duty with effect from the date of that letter, pending investigation by an independent panel which would accord him the opportunity to defend himself.

Nevertheless, as the result, there was lack of proper management of properties and facilities that implied that Deng should have initiated maintenance of a register of non- recurrent assets including buildings, vehicles, furniture, computers, and generators, but there were no such records in existence, according to Mugoya.

Dr. Patrick Mugoya is a Tanzanian National who was appointed by the President Kiir Mayardit as the Commissioner General for South Sudan National Revenue Authority.

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