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TAX FREE – Sudan to exempt goods imported to S. Sudan


Ayii Duang Ayii (centre) and other members of the business community at JIA yesterday:

By Morris Dogga

The Chairperson of the South Sudan General Business Union said that the Sudanese Government has agreed not to tax goods destined for South Sudan.

Ayii Duang Ayii who returned from Khartoum on Tuesday after ten-day visit said he had fruitful discussions with the Sudanese authorities over the cross border trade.

“They have agreed that they will not impose tax on the goods we purchase from Sudan. The goods that we cannot get in Sudan shall be transported through Sudan without paying anything,” he told reporters upon arrival at Juba International Airport.

Ayii added that he had been engaging the business community in Sudan to start bringing goods to South Sudan. He said the Sudanese business communities were “very ready” to start conducting businesses in South Sudan.

He said they also had fruitful discussions on the possibility of opening trade routes between the border areas of South Sudan and Sudan.

Ayii stated that they also discussed with the Sudanese Minister of Agriculture on possible investment in the agriculture sector in South Sudan.

The businessman said he met Sudanese based company-Dal Engineering Company to sell some tractors to Sudan at affordable prices.

According to Ayii, goods from Sudan will soon be arriving to South Sudan through the water, air and by road transport.

He revealed that he also met with the Sudanese Vice President to discuss business.

Ayii urged the youth to refrain from engaging in what he called “hostile acts” but rather engage in productive activities.


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