Taskforce to involve quarter councils in COVID-19 awareness

By Nema Juma

The Incident Manager of COVID-19 Dr. Richard Lako said they would engage the members of the quarter councils in terms of response to COVID-19.

Dr. Laku said the Citizen Taskforce got an opportunity to do the study and they discovered that most of the people in the country noticed about COVID-19 and they know the risk and the implication including the measures for protection.

He was speaking during a two days’ workshop which was organized by the Citizen Taskforce, in collaboration with the Council of Churches.

He added that the Citizen Taskforce discovered that despite the fact that people know, they don’t implement those measures and they felt that they should engage the heads or leaders of the quarter councils to make sure that they take those initiative to the community.

“When the community owns the problem, they will be able to put the right measures and start implementing protective measures on COVID-19, like social distancing, wearing of facemasks and others measures,

Meanwhile the Chairperson, Hai Nimra Talata and Hai Neem Rahma Said Farajalla said that although the National High-level Taskforce did not involve them from the beginning, but in her area they had introduced the campaign to sensitize people on COVID-19.

 “ I had people doing campaign on COVID-19 from the roads and in my area I was not informed but  as a leader of my area we came up and joined and started informing the locals to protect themselves against COVID-19,” Rahma said.

Rahma stated that the taskforce should also train the people on the grassroots because sometimes when the number that was issued to call on 6666 sometimes is off these trained people on the grass root would help.

“I have two people who died in my area and we struggled to call the 6666, at first the number was off when we called for the second time they started saying what where the signs instead of rescuing first and later they said no this is not our case and when we called the police they could not carry the those people because they wanted to confirm first whether it was Corona or not so all the dangers remain in the hands of the Chairperson,” she added.

She blamed the High-level Taskforce for not working with them from the beginning because all those issues wouldn’t have been there, saying more trainings would have been done so that even if someone dies of COVID-19 in the area we would have known how to handle that with our people in the area.

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