Taragook IDPs call for humanitarian assistance 

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Taragook Internally Displaced Persons in Bor town called on humanitarian organizations and the government to assist them with clean water, blankets, plastic sheets, and latrines to promote sanitation and hygiene in the camp.

  Abuk Deng, Women Leader at Taragook IDP camp said since they were displaced by the flood in Twic East, they are facing numerous challenges such as a shortage of water, blankets, plastic sheets, and latrines, and as the rainy season is approaching, there is a need for shelter re-enforcement.

“We have been fetching water for the nearby river which is not safe for drinking and we didn’t travel to any other IDP camps with the hope that our government and humanitarian organization will provide and overhaul for our needs here in Taragook IDP camp. By now, we need your assistance more than ever”. Abuk Said

She added that the major problem is latrines which hinders the public health of our children and people living in Taragook IDP camp because people are defecating in the small bushes due to the lack of latrines in the camp.

She revealed that some residents of Hai Salaam and Achiengdier called on Bor Urban water to fix the pipe distributing water to suburbs due to a shortage of clean water which was triggered as the pipe was cut during the blockage of floodwater from entering the town and nearby residents to town. 

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