Tambura, Wau trucks transit goods resume

By Baraka John

The Police Higher Level Committee from the state sent to inspect the general security situation confirmed the Tambura-Wau trucks carrying transit goods had resumed after five -month conflict in the area.

According to Western Equatoria State Police,there were indications that civilians deserted their homes due to the months of conflict that displaced almost 3 quarter of the population in the County have by then begun to return to their homes as relative peace continued to prevail.   

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Deputy Police Commissioner in Western Equatoria State, Maj Gen Elia Costa Faustino who headed the delegation to Tambura said that markets have reopened while trucks transit goods resumed movement from Wau in Western Bahr El Ghazal State to Tambura.   

He added that,even though the situation in Tambra County was normalizing, traders requested the government to provide police personnel to observe and maintain the security around the markets as shops reopened. 

“So, the good news we got there was, the main market of Tambura has begun to reopen, some of the traders who fled Tambura County are now returning back home to reopen their shops. So, community members there are able to go to the market to some few basic commodities. 

Meanwhile the Police Commissioner in Western Equatoria State Maj. Gen. Albino Utho Mariano assured the public that the police is committed to restore order, peace and stability in the County.

“the first priority is to ensure there is peace and order among communities. Police in Western Equatoria State will work hard to ensure no violence arise again, we the police must put to an end the situation in Tambura County to give chance to our innocent communities have freedom to farming,” Utho said.

Five months ago, Tambura County was engulfed by conflict that resulted in killing of over 200 civilians and displaced nearly 100,000 civil populations to neighboring Counties and Wau town of Western Bahr El Ghazal State. 

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